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Written by Brynlee for the 100 word challenge

My name is Ke ana. I love looking in caves for treasure on this island of Hawaii, so my name fits me well. One day, as I was searching in a cave with my sister Honu Kai, we fell into a deep hole. “Maikaʻi paha ‘oe?” Honu Kai asked. “Ya, I’m okay,” I replied. “We better get out of here though.” “Look!” said Honu Kai. Strait ahead we saw a opening in the cave that led out side.  We followed the light and found that it lead to a flat area with lots of treasure. “Waiwai!” I almost shouted. “We need to tell makuahine me makuakāne about this!” “But where did it go?” she shouted back. And just like that, the treasure was gone! 


One Comment

  1. Hello Brynlee, what a mystery! I think using the first person and narrating the story worked really well. It was like you were including me in the story. How wonderful it would be to find a treasure but awful for it to disappear. Well done.

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