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The Worst Day Ever!

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Written by Katelyn for the 100 word challenge

February 2, 2019 

Today was terrible. Everyone laughed at me. I was sitting down at recess and then someone said, “Why would you want that?” “Want what?” I answered. All the sudden he kicked me, and I had no idea why. “OW!” I shouted, “What was that for?” “I just read the sign on your back!” He said while trying not to laugh. I turned around and saw a sheet of paper on my back that read kick me. I didn’t remember putting it on! All my classmates came running over laughing insanely. That was definitely the worst day ever! 

One Comment

  1. Hi Katelyn,
    Thank you for entering the challenge this week. Next time you can just tell your classmates that you don’t like such jokes if you hate it. Well done. Great writing for the 100 word challenge. Keep on writing!

    Carina Zhang (Team 100)

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