Fifth Grade

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Written by Mia for the 100 word challenge

I was in a library, and I found a book I was interested in. Out of nowhere I heard my name be called, “Alicia come here I found a cooking book”, I sure do enjoy cooking I thought to myself. I yelled back “coming mom. Then suddenly the intercom went on, it was a librarian “Just a daily reminder there is no screaming in the library, people are trying to read.” A few minutes later we went to the person at the front desk to check us out. “Your child is so adorable The lady said, “Thanks for the complement.” suddenly a flash of light, then darkness woke me up, it was a dream.



One Comment

  1. Wow… when the lights went out I thought it was going to turn into a scary library story where somehow the cook book was going to save the day.

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