Fifth Grade

Champion Learners

The Great Mushroom Pt.3


Written by Julianna for the 100 word challenge                              

After the phone call with the police. The police came over to Jonathon’s house, and told him to bring him the mushroom and the milk. Jonathon went to the fridge, but he stopped to look out the window there was this GIANT pole in his backyard. He looked at it for about 30 seconds and walked towards the fridge quickly. When he got to the fridge, he opened it. And THE MUSHROOM AND MILK WERENT THERE!!!! He took a closer look and he saw a note it said. 

 Dear Jonathon,  

    Me and the milk decided we were going to get our own place. We found a nice fridge at Bahama bucks we are going to stay there. 

From Mrs. mushroom & Mr. Milk  

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