Fifth Grade

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Introducing Vokis!


#STUBC Week 1: Activity 1

This week we made vokis to share during the Student Blogging Challenge! These are a type of avatar to share something about our class. One of these lucky vokis will become a permanent fixture on our blog! Which one do you like best? We will be on break for two weeks, but look forward to future blogging challenges!


  1. Hello, class! All your Vokis are interesting, both in picture and in audio. My favorite is the first one for two reasons: it gave a lot of information about your class, and it is a terrific picture of springtime. Where I live spring hasn’t arrived yet. We still have snow on the ground. But this morning I saw some daffodil stems starting to come out of the ground; they are usually the first flower we see in spring. In addition, this week I saw robins and turkey buzzards. When we see them, we know that winter is losing hold, and that spring will come soon.

    What changes do you see from season to season?

  2. Hello again, class! I was thinking about what I learned in your Vokis. One thing you mentioned was enjoying Mystery Skype with other classes. So, I thought you’d probably like to know about the “5 Clue Challenge” by Michael Soskil. He gives 5 hints to clue you in to a location. Here’s a ink if you’re interested! 🙂

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