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The Trip

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Written by Kaylee for the 100 word challenge

Bye, I’m going to miss you” Ashley said as Alex left for his trip with his Dad. “Dad are we there, yet it’s been a week!” Alex said as he slumped back in the wagon “yes we are they all jumped out of the wagon “hey Alex come on where going hunting, Alex!” his dad watched as Alex bent over on his knees. “Dad I don’t think I can go, I’m sorry dad” “no, no it’s ok” “dad I-” “Alex no don’t leave me!” when they got home, they told Ashley what happened. “he felt really ill we had to.” 

One Comment

  1. I love how you started your story with dialogue – it made me wonder where Alex was going. Well done!

    Keep up the great writing.

    Ms Young (Team 100WC)

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