Fifth Grade

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Written by Kali for the 100 word challenge                           

Hello, my name is Mia and today I was helping my friend, Kali, move. So, I went over to her old house, and she asked me to take one of the dining room chairs out to the moving van. So, I picked it up and, “WOW!!” It was much heavier than I expected. It felt like a stone brick other than like a chicken (as I thought). But I brought it out to the moving van even though it was a little hard. After we were done putting the stuff into the moving van, I finally got to see her new house, YAY!! 


  1. Hello Kali, what a great comparison between a heavy brick and a chicken! Great use of the exclamation, Wow. It’s always good to finish a job and seeing the new house would have been exciting as your story shows. Well done.

  2. Hi Kali!

    Your story brought back memories from college when I used to help my friends move-some of those boxes were so heavy! Your story flows well and probably sparks a lot of memories in other readers, too.
    I am going to nominate you for this week’s showcase 🙂

    Francine (Team 100wc)
    Twin Cities, Minnesota USA

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