Fifth Grade

Champion Learners

Kali and Mia


Written by Mia for the 100 word challenge 

Kali and Mia are best friends, but Kali was sad because Mia was going to her cousin’s birthday party. On Friday night they had a sleepover because tomorrow afternoon Mia had to go to the birthday party.   When Kali and Mia opened facemasks for a spa night Kali dropped her mask into the trash, but she did not know. Mia’s dad screamed “Mia come bring your garbage out because it is garbage night.”  “Okay coming”, Mia responded.  “Mia, do you want to go make tiktoks?” Kali asked. “YESSSS!!!!!!!!” Mia screamed.  But wait let’s put our facemasks on first”, said Mia.  But where did it go she shouted!!  …………. 

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