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The Strange Man Pt. 10

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Written by Mikayla for the 100 word challenge

 That note was creepy. We got back in the “alien shuttle and started heading toward the boat store. Joe bought a boat to ride to Hawaii.  I can’t believe she went to Hawaii to hide. I went to my room in the boat, to get some sleep. Then out of nowhere I heard BANG!!!!!! What was that? I went downstairs and realized I was seeing three sharks on the deck. There was a pink, orange, and blue one. The orange one spoke first, “hi Jason. Your mom is located on the cost of Mawi.” Then they disappeared 

One Comment

  1. Mikalya,
    What an exciting adventure! What a shame that you only had 100 words, as I have so many questions…. Why was it an alien shuttle? Had aliens taken over Earth (or at least, had they taken over Hawaii?). Is the picture linked to your story? What happened to your Mum? Where did the sharks come from?

    Well done on arousing my curiosity!

    Michelle, Team 100wc,
    Melbourne, Australia

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