Fifth Grade

Champion Learners

The end of Quarterwise pt2  


Written by Nathan for the 100 word challenge

After Quarterwise threw Benny in, Penny took out a ray blaster and shot the laser at Quarterwise, and he went right into the black hole. After Quarterwise fell in, Penny led us to their guest house with a gate that had the number 29 on it. It was almost big as the actual house. After we ate dinner, we got in bed bucasue it got really late. I finally fell asleep and 3 in the moring because I could not sleep the whole night, but at 5:30, I saw a figure that oddly looked like Quarterwise.  


  1. Greetings from Australia Nathan. I enjoyed reading your text this week. I did wonder what had happened in The end of Quarterwise pt 1. I can see that you generate interesting ideas for your writing. Sometimes you can focus on getting ideas down, and forget to punctuate. Remember to re-read, and edit for spelling and punctuation, before publishing (or ask a friend to help you). 🙏😊

  2. Dear Nathan,

    I really enjoyed your story about quarterwize but I have a suggestion. Can you add to your story like how they sumend the black hole or where you got the ray gun from?

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