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The Strange Man Part 15

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Written by Mikayla for the 100 word challenge

When the serpent-lady arose, Joe blasted her, and she turned back into human form. Her face was wrinkled, and she had arms the size of oarsShe was super ugly, and it made me sick just being around her. Then, my mom came running in with a huge sword. She started throwing mushrooms at the lady and she reluctantly shriveled into nothing but rocks. Joe looked wistful when I looked at him. Then my mom pointed the sword at joe. “Jason, lily, are you okay? Joe is an extremely dangerous ma-” she got cut off when Joe knocked her unconscious.  

One Comment

  1. What an action-packed story, Mikayla. You have used the prompt words in a very imaginative way. I particularly like the way you describe the lady reluctantly shriveling into nothing but rocks. That is very visual – I can just see it happening. I also like the way you describe her arms as being the size of oars.

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