Fifth Grade

Champion Learners

True Accounts From Aboard the Titanic


This is our original production of True Accounts From Aboard the Titanic. Everyone in our class had a part in the play, from brainstorming questions, background choices, acting, and costume design. The script was written by Maddox, Brynlee, Raiya, Kali, Mia, Alicia, Brightlie, Katelyn, Kaylee, and Mikayla.  All characters were researched and actually aboard the Titanic. Make sure you watch all the way to the end for the blooper reel! We hope you enjoy!


  1. Thank you for sharing your play with us, Mrs. Moore’s class! We loved it! Our favorite parts were the couple on deck and the part where the guy said he saved his money. We liked the debate with Bruce Ismay, too. The whole thing was great! Thank you again for inviting us to watch it!

  2. You all did great in the play! It was super fun to watch with the green screen, and in person. I find it interesting that all of those people were actually on the Titanic.

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