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O.R.E.O. Challenge


We participated in a Project by Jen called Our Really Exciting Online Project (O.R.E.O). Our challenge was to stack the highest Oreo tower. Then, we took our data and found the mean, median, and mode for our classroom stacks.

Here’s what we found:

  • Mean 16
  • Median 15
  • Mode 12, 18 and 20

We shared out results for our class average. Here is the current information. So far out of the 73 classrooms that have participated, we are one cookie above the average!

The highest tower was achieved by Sam with 21 cookies! This is what he had to say about his strategy.

“Start off with going straight up. Then when it starts to wiggle, then start putting it towards the side that’s not leaning. When it falls over, count it by two’s to see your final stacking number!”

Here are a few of our crashing towers!

Finally, the morning block had the opportunity to do a Stacking Google Hangouts Challenge with Mrs. Fraher’s Class! We did two rounds, unfortunately losing the first, but we did tie the second!

Great job to all the stackers!


  1. Hi! I can’t believe Sam got it that high. When I tried, my highest was about 20.


  2. Hi! I like Sam’s strategy for stacking! Great job!

  3. Those Oreo’s look very delicious and this project is very cool!

  4. Hello, we did this challenge in our class too. I can’t believe that you are one cookie above! Good work!

  5. Good job on getting your mean to 16. The highest tower was 21 which is very good. It’s ok losing the first round against Mrs. Fraher, but at least you tied the second. I thought stacking Oreos was fun. Good job with the Oreo stacking!

  6. This is very good and fun project. Nice job on getting 21 cookies stacked. I love this project you guys did!

  7. Good job. Keep up the good work.

  8. Good job getting your mean to 16! It’s awesome that you got 21 Oreo’s stacked. It is also amazing that you beat Mrs. Fraher even though it was your second time, but you tried again and that’s what matters. I hope you guys had fun!

  9. Wow! I can’t believe that you got 21 Oreo’s stacked! I could barely stack 10. Good job!

  10. Wow! I can’t believe that Sam got to 21! That’s amazing! Sadly, i only got to 16 i’m really bad at doing it if i won and i had to tell a strategy i would say just um… i know i know i don’t have a strategy so we would have to keep it a secret how i won but i didn’t even get into the final competition the highest that was in my group was Ellie but she didn’t make it she lost to her first competition but the highest she got was 18… so that’s why my team didn’t make it i was sobbing so hard after… just kidding being sarcastic i didn’t even have one tear i was at least happy Ellie made it to 18.

  11. Wow! I am so impressed that you guys got 1 cookie above average! Also, Congrats to Sam with 21 Oreos! I could never get that high! Good job guys! Nice work! It’s awesome that you got to do a google hangouts challenge. It is cool to see you guys do this because i missed this day of class. Thanks for the amazing explanation!

  12. Nice job with the oreo contest! 1 above average, wow!

  13. Great job at the 0reo stacking guys! It is so amazing that you guys got 1 cookie above the average. Also, congrats to Sam for stacking 21 cookies! that is amazing. but you all did an amazing job at the challenge. that was a great explination

  14. good job geting above average. I am glad that you won a round.That in a lot of classes partesapated.

  15. I loved that you got to make the phases of the moon.

  16. AWSOME! That looks really cool! my class did that too, it was really fun and interesting! That project was probably one of my favorite project’s in science! Also that is really cool that Sam got 21 Oreos! I only got 19 but close! good job I hope you guys do a great protect that I can see next!

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