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December 5, 2018
by ambermoore74
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Multiplication Strategies

Did you know there is more than one strategy to solve multiplication problems? If you are curious about these strategies or need more help, Ellie and Kyra are here the help you!

Other credits: Mya – Videographer and Ellie – Video Editor

What are other math concepts would you like to see students model? 

September 29, 2018
by ambermoore74

O.R.E.O. Challenge

We participated in a Project by Jen called Our Really Exciting Online Project (O.R.E.O). Our challenge was to stack the highest Oreo tower. Then, we took our data and found the mean, median, and mode for our classroom stacks.

Here’s what we found:

  • Mean 16
  • Median 15
  • Mode 12, 18 and 20

We shared out results for our class average. Here is the current information. So far out of the 73 classrooms that have participated, we are one cookie above the average!

The highest tower was achieved by Sam with 21 cookies! This is what he had to say about his strategy.

“Start off with going straight up. Then when it starts to wiggle, then start putting it towards the side that’s not leaning. When it falls over, count it by two’s to see your final stacking number!”

Here are a few of our crashing towers!

Finally, the morning block had the opportunity to do a Stacking Google Hangouts Challenge with Mrs. Fraher’s Class! We did two rounds, unfortunately losing the first, but we did tie the second!

Great job to all the stackers!

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