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Time is Ticking

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Written by Mia for the 100 word challenge

 Once upon a time there was a fairy named Anna, she was truing fifteen this spring. Every few days someone in the Evans family would lose a tooth.  She would have to fly to 29th street in the dark. But something strange, stopped Anna, part of the fence was missing. So, she went to go find the other part of the fence. It was just starting to lighten up when she found the fence, she decided that she wanted to put it back together, so she did. When she finished it was 6:30 and everyone wakes up at 7:00 the time was ticking. 

One Comment

  1. Mia,
    I like how creatively you approached this prompt this week. I could feel the tension knowing the time was ticking. Keep writing.
    Mrs. G., Team 100, Guilderland, NY, USA

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